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There is no denying that telecommunications is and will continue to be part of the world economy. In fact, companies, such as Wal-mart, Amazon and others, have used telecommunications to build global empires. As technological advancement continues to improve the telecom industry, revenues will continue to rise because of it. Bluetooth is one such advancement. Out of bluetooth connectivity comes bluetooth marketing.

Mobile marketing has become increasingly popular as an advertising channel. While traditional advertising campaigns, such as television advertising or magazine advertising, have a wider reach, it is so costly and does not guarantee attention. This system capitalizes on what most people have in common and that is cellphones. Its hard to ignore a tone for incoming calls, even the silent mode with vibrate on does its wonders on getting the users attention. One key feature of the Bluetooth Marketing Software is allowing the consumer to opt in and opt out of the service at any time.

Lets say you are an affiliate and you setup the broadcaster in a high traffic area like busy intersections or crowded parks, the broadcaster will continuously scan for the presence of Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. As soon as someone comes within range with their Bluetooth enabled mobile device, the server sends a message to the user’s phone, asking if they wish to get free content from the dealership. If the user agrees by pressing ‘Yes’ on their phone, the content is sent immediately. If the user declines, the server remembers this and won’t ask the same user again in the future.

Bluetooth is also radio-based technology and therefore broadcasting via bluetooth is free of charge. This allows you to advertise your content repeatedly increasing coverage and sales potential at the same time. You save a lot compared to the traditional advertising.

How to become an affiliate

What’s needed are just the Bluetooth Marketing Software ($499.99 – Affiliate fee included) and a 300-meter broadcaster unit with dongles ($1500). Click this link to get started today.

Return of investment

Keeping with the example, lets see how we can make money with bluetooth advertising. You can either earn money by delivering adverts. You can be paid for the number of ads delivered – say $1.00 per ad delivered during a football game. Imagine how many fans watch a football game and think about your income potential. You can also split the advertisers’ revenues generated by your bluetooth marketing system. Say you broadcasted a discount coupon for a combo meal at the nearby food store. Right after the game, football fans went to the store and claimed their coupon. So the storeowner gave you 50% commission for bringing those customers in. Now, that’s a lot.

Another approach to earning money is by way of saving money thru broadcasting your own adverts. Instead of paying thousands of precious dollars to traditional advertisers, you can broadcast your customized content – anytime and anywhere. There are many ways to return your investment but one thing is certain – it returns fast.

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