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Everyone has seen the latest and greatest stickers, die cutters, rotary cutters, papers from the scrap book suppliers. Stores are popping up, you can take classes. There is no excuse for shoddy photo albums anymore.

It all sounds great, everyone has run out and got the latest kits, only to have them start collecting dust in the corner of the dining room. You are working long hours, kids need to go here or there, and there is endless laundry, and guess what?. Our great scrap booking albums do not happen.

But, if this is something you love to do, and you have all kinds of great albums, that you can show off, then why not consider helping others with theirs?.. but for money?

I know a few people in my neighborhood that got caught up in the scrap booking craze, and bought everything, and now its sitting in a corner, because the idea of it sounded great. They pictured spending an afternoon scrap booking. They stare at the blank pages, all the stickers, and the frames, and just don’t know where to start. It sounded easy, but in reality it takes some imagination, and many people just don’t have the time or they are too stressed.

So, this is where you take action. You love scrap booking, and what better business to start than to do something you love. I don’t mean go out there and open a scrap booking store, just try and find some people who are willing to pay you to finish their scrap books, or even display their photos in an album.

You can use their supplies, or you can purchase many supplies online cheaper now, than at any stores, and there are some great unique stickers and die cutters on the web, to make your customers happy campers. There are many people selling off their scrap book supplies, simply because they are not as interested as they thought they would be, and you can pay much less for your supplies this way, so make sure to include the internet as one of your suppliers.

Start with a couple of friends, and see how it goes. Then spread the word around that you are one of those creative people who would LOVE to finish other peoples scrap books and treasured memories, and make money at the same time.
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