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How to Make Money by Watching Videos? Emotion Miner Review I did that In my quest for new ways to earn money online, I came across an exciting and unique website called Emotion Miner.

The name intrigued me and I decided to learn about it further.

I visited their site and it said: “Make money and advance science by watching TV-shows”.

Wait, what? Must be another scam, I thought.

But I was curious enough to give it a try.

Read my Emotion Miner review to find out how to make money by watching videos!
What is Emotion Miner?
It is a platform that allows you to make money by determining what a person is experiencing. This involves tracking facial expressions, evaluating the intonation, and analyzing the poses.

The fun part is, all the above-mentioned things have to be done for different videos that we usually watch to entertain ourselves.

So, now you can get entertained and paid at the same time. Interesting, right

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