Make Money From Your Beauty And Hairstyling Tips On The Internet

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Aside from becoming a commercial hub, the Internet has also evolved over time into an information hub. This provides a great prospect for almost any individual with a useful skill or great knowledge in a certain field to make money online, no matter what your expertise may be.

Thus, as an individual working in the beauty and hairstyling industry, you may not be aware that there are many opportunities for you to make additional income on the Internet. All you need is a domain, which can even be your own name (since it allows you to build your reputation within the industry), a blog and your knowledge – and you’re all set to start raking in the spare income.

Here are some great examples of simple and effective ways for you to generate money providing beauty and hairstyling information and tips from your website or blog.

1.Provide Regular Information Via E-Mail
After working for years in the industry, you no doubt have a large chunk of expertise just waiting to be tapped. But working in a beauty or hairstyling salon does not necessarily give you the opportunity to make money by selling your knowledge. Thankfully, the Internet does provide such an opportunity.

One way you can disseminate your information is through something as simple as sending out e-mails on a regular basis. Thus, people who visit your blog and are impressed by your credentials and other information you provide, can sign up on your website to join your mailing list.

Once they are on your mailing list, all you need to do is send out a daily or weekly e-mail providing a valuable beauty or hair tip. For example, one e-mail can talk about natural therapies to bring out the shine in your hair, while next week’s e-mail can discuss proper facial moisturizing techniques.

Your customers will love having such useful and random information delivered directly to their inbox, and all they have to do in return is pay a fixed fee every month for staying on your mailing list.

2.Write And Sell E-Books
Aside from e-mails, another way you can sell information is through e-books. E-books are simply electronic documents (such as PDF documents) that have been written in a book format.

So instead of sending short and sweet e-mails on tiny sub-sections of your expertise, you can venture into medium sized books on broader topics, such as ‘The Complete Guide To Arresting Hair Fall’ or ‘Creating The Ultimate Daily Face Care Regiment’, both extremely interesting and useful examples of e-books that are bound to get customers interested. E-books do not have to be very long, usually ranging from 20 – 60 pages in length. And you can also incorporate photos and visuals into the e-book, thus ensuring that your e-book is not too dry and wordy.

Of course, the best part is that you don’t spend any money on printing, packaging and distribution as you can simply upload the e-book onto your blog or website and get people to download it from there – once they have made payment, of course. Receiving payment is a cinch, too, as customers can pay you with their credit cards once you have set up a system to work on your website, which is a relatively simple process.

3.Sell Products As A Merchant Or An Affiliate
Another great way to make money with your blog on beauty and hairstyling tips is by selling products. This really makes a lot of sense, because in all of your blog posts, you are quite likely to be talking about products, which would range from basic to professional hair and skin care cosmetics.

So after extolling the great virtues of using these products, you can offer your visitors the opportunity to buy those very products from you! This can be done in two ways – you sell the products as a Merchant, or you sell the products as an Affiliate.

If you are the Merchant, then you would be responsible for setting up a Merchant account online to receive credit card orders, you will need to secure the products from a supplier and then when orders are received, you will have to arrange to have them delivered all over the world. It may seem like a lot of work, but the plus side is that you keep all of the profits to your self.

If you do not wish to undergo the hassles of handling and delivering the products yourself (best option if you are starting out), you can instead sell these products as an Affiliate. Thus, all you need to do is become an Affiliate for a Merchant who is already selling the products on the Internet. You can then direct your prospective customers to his or her website, where they can pay and arrange for delivery. In return, you get a cut of the profit.

Whichever path you choose, it is clear to see that the marketability of your services are not restricted solely to the beauty and hair salon. Expand your reach to the Internet and enjoy a world of new money making possibilities.

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