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Are you looking to generate extra income? Do you enjoy creating unique content? Turn your passion for article marketing into a passive income.

MoreNiche is an online tool (known as an affiliate network) which allows you to advertise their products in your articles. If somebody reads your article and goes on to buy, you earn a commission.

We have chosen to work with MoreNiche exclusively as their products complement the types of content our authors like to create. These products are mainly in the health and fitness category and are extremely popular online.

The great thing about Articlesbase and MoreNiche combined, is that you don’t need a website to make money online. You can simply create great content and promote it via Articlesbase.

How you get started

It’s really easy to start making money from your article content, better still it’s completely free.

  1. Make sure you are signed up to both Articlesbase and MoreNiche

  2. Find the products that best suite your interest or writing topics. If you are happy to write about everything, then choose one of their most popular products to promote.Tip: If you go to their ‘merchant offers’ page the most popular ones are at the top

  3. Research the product(s) and more importantly the niche you are doing to write for.

  4. Create generic articles, for example if you choose a bodybuilding product, create bodybuilding articles e.g. “Top 10 exercises for building strong abs”.

  5. Add some information about the product you are promoting.

  6. Use social media and other embeddable content to help your article stand out.

Once your article is approved and live on Articlesbase, make sure you attract visitors to the article, this can be done through sharing on social media and basic link building. The more your article is shared, the more likely people are to buy and the more money you could earn.

Want more help?

When you join MoreNiche you get access to some fantastic resources, all for free:

  • Affiliate Forum – Join their community and ask as many questions as you like, or simply learn from others.

  • Affiliate Spotlight – Learn how some of their top earning members work, get inspired and produce amazing articles. You can see a real time breakdown of their members earnings here

  • Affiliate Training Course – You can take on their full training course which is designed to help you learn more about affiliate marketing, all the techniques you learn can be performed on your Articlesbase articles once they are live.

  • Affiliate Ebooks – Want help on specific topics, read their helpful (and free) affiliate marketing ebooks.

Still hungry for more information? You can follow their affiliate news blog which is updated most days with information such as content marketing, search engine optimisation, social media  and conversions.

One of the biggest reasons we suggest MoreNiche is due to their fantastic support, use the resources above and if you have other questions, then contact their support team.

What is an affiliate network

MoreNiche is known as an affiliate network, although you may hear it referred to in other terms like ‘affiliate house’ or ‘affiliate program’. This basically mean the company who manages the products you can promote. They handle the tracking of visitors, the payments for any sales generated and handle the relationship between you and the brands which you are promoting.

Picking a trusted affiliate network is very important, after all they will be handling your money, we have chosen to work exclusively with MoreNiche as they are one of the most trusted affiliate networks online.

They are one of the only networks which actually publish their affiliate data in real time, they have been in business since 2004 and always pay their affiliates. You will struggle to find a bad word said about their service.  

For a more detailed explanation of what an affiliate network does (or affiliate house in this example) checkout this video:

On Articlesbase we only allow affiliate links to be published from MoreNiche, other networks have not been verified and we will not approve these articles.

Do Articlesbase allow affiliate links in articles?

We do NOT allow affiliate links to be used in our articles. However, we have made an exception for MoreNiche due to the nature of their products, the way they operate their network and their core values matching ours.

It’s all about adding value to our readers journey and we feel this can be done whilst at the same time recommending MoreNiche products.

It is important to note that this is an exception and all other affiliate links will be rejected by our editorial team.

If you found this article helpful please do share, if you have questions, drop them in the comments box below.

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