Lets see transparency on all pay and pensions in the public

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Replica Prada Bags This figure includes many Lollipop men and ladies who may well have only worked a few years before getting a pension, and only done a few hours a week. Dinner ladies at schools also do not do a 40 hour week, this willsslew the figures down even further for the womens pensions, or are the private sector workers supposed to be expected to fund full pensions for people in the public sector regardless of how much pensions entitlement they have accrued, which seems to be what Unison seem to be basing their figures on. Lets see transparency on all pay and pensions in the public sector so we can see how much work someone does Prada Outlet, how much pay they get, and how much pension they can expect to get instead of pulling figures from a hat and hiding how they are made up.. Replica Prada Bags

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