Key Steps to Ensure Safety of WordPress Blog

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It is important to secure your WordPress blog by using an efficient approach. People are often negligent of the security measures that are needed to protect the blog. A number of simple steps can be followed in order to ensure the safety of the blog

1. Update Latest WordPress Version

It is important to ensure that the WordPress software is updated regularly. The latest patches and fixes should be deployed in order to achieve long term success.

A prominent notification is available when an update is available for the software. This helps to achieve high levels of success.

You’ll see a yellow notification banner across the top of your WordPress dashboard when there’s a new update available for you to install.

You’ll see a yellow notification banner across the top of your WordPress dashboard when there’s a new update available for you to install.

A yellow identification is found at the top of the dashboard whenever new updates are available for the software. Updating the site is an easy process as it can be done by a simple click. It does not need any manual uploading through FTP. Additionally, you don’t need to leave the browser.

2. Backing Up the Database

Backing the database is an important component of basic security steps to secure the WordPress blog. The backup process is relatively simple as there are free options as well as paid options. WP-DB-Backup is an option which is free as it can be available for beginners. This backup solutions is highly recommended for new users.

WP-DB-Backup can be installed by going to Plugins. After that, it is important to add new and type “WP-DB-Backup”. The process will start and ask for installation and then you need to click ok.

B2A plugin can be installed for backing up the blog in an easy manner. The Plugins option should be selected by clicking Add New and the backup plugins will be available. The plugin can be activated from the Plugins screen.

Once the plugin is activated, a new addition is found in the navigation section called Backup. The backup section allows you to backup the database instantly or a schedule can be created for the entire process. The backup files can be saved in the hard drive or through email because it helps to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.


WP-DB-Backup is an easy way to backup files. It is efficient software which is an important part of safeguarding the data. It helps to protect critical data through the use of innovative and creative strategies.

3. Limiting Login Attempts by Using a Plugin

There is a plugin known as Limit Login Attempts which can be used to deter brute force hacker attacks. It prevents login page from being accessed after a number of incorrect attempts. An administrator can decide the number of login attempts which can be allowed before it is closed. This is an efficient strategy to achieve success within a short period of time. The plugin can be used to limit the number of login attempts by malicious intruders. It protects the system from brute force attacks. It uses a collaborative strategy for success with an emphasis on sound outcomes. Furthermore, it leads to the development of a comprehensive approach in which the emphasis is towards safeguarding the blog.

B4The plugin can be installed by going to the Plugins section and selecting Add New. Limit Login Attempts should be searched and it can be activated in order to ensure the rates of success are increased. Limit Login can help the administrator to set the number of allowable login attempts as well as other limits.

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