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People keep asking me this:

“Jubril, how do you make money and still travel the world?”

I haven’t actually broke this down in a video before like I’m about to here so watch the video to learn exactly how I make money all while traveling the world at the SAME TIME…

Plus I’m having a free webinar where I outline exactly how I do it:
And you are invited, you can register for free below


Also, some things have really changed…
..and I want to update you on what is actually working right now so you can avoid the common mistakes most people make that wastes so much time and money…

The number one way I make money is:

#1 running Facebook Ads for myself as well as a handful of other business owners and marketers by doing exactly this:
I come up with the marketing material, write the ads, then run the ad campaigns for them.

This is by far the most profitable and believe me, most people think Facebook ads are difficult to get working…

But they’re not…
You just have to know how to write them.

A perfect example is my client Tiffany…

…she is in the ultra-competitive finance industry.

Where companies usually pay $20+ PER Lead in most cases.

*I generate her leads on Facebook for 40 cents or less*
[We’ve generated tens of thousands at this small cost]
My secret?

Matching the right audiences together and HOW we create the ads… [which it seems NOBODY does like I do]

But there’s more…

#2 Travel blogging – some cool side income but the real benefit is the awesome perks like free hotel stays, free travel and 1st class upgrades.

All completely worth it… You could literally earn a few extra thousand bucks a month and travel lightly if that’s your thing. It can be that simple…

#3 Video Production – Shooting videos for our clients, interviewing them and adding some additional ‘B’ roll footage and background music.

[it’s actually a lot easier than most people think with software that already comes loaded on your laptop in most cases]

#4 Affiliate Offers – This is a BILLION dollar industry by itself. It’s by simply referring offers from companies that I like and use their products myself. Here’s how it works:

When I send emails about it and people buy the offer, I get paid. Its simple to do and no tech skills required for any of these ways I earn income really.

#5 Hosting & Speaking at Events – We can charge business owners up to 5K to come to a live, in person workshop where we teach them the simple things that we would normally charge to do for them.

Any of these can be learned much easier than you might believe…
Here is what you need to know:

Jon, a youtube marketer who works with business owners was losing thousands of dollars a month on Facebook Ads…

…he swallowed his pride and finally confessed this to me…
…then I taught him a few basic Facebook Ad strategies, and a year later…

Over million dollars in revenue.

So to get to the point… Do you want me to teach you what I showed Jon how to do as well as my other clients?

If so, I’m holding a free training webinar where I will be revealing the exact strategies I taught Jon.

Plus, if you sign up for the free webinar, the moment you sign up I’m going to immediately redirect you to a training video that shows you…

…what I showed Nathan, my kiwi student… who now generates 5 figures every month and travels the world full time… with a full time income.

You can get all of that right here:

[Make sure to get on the list for the free webinar as well]

If you have any desire to start a business online from scratch or learn how grow your business with Facebook ads then you need to be on that webinar.

I’ll see you there,


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