Japanese SEO strategy using SEMrush Japan Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research

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SEO in Japanese is almost exactly the same as any other language. Except there are some crucial differences to know about. When buying a domain name, it is best to buy the domain in Japanese alphabet of Kanji, Katakana or Hiragana. Long tail keyword domain names will increase the chance of ranking quickly in Japan. When optimizing your content in Japanese it is important to perform keyword research for all the words on the page to ensure you are using the right alphabet in Japanese. You want to match the same spelling as your consumers after all. Finally, it’s importantant to write well in Japanese so that the content is easy to understand.

As with any language, the more content you write the better chance you will have of ranking.Backlinks work the same way, but make sure to have the anchor text in the right alphabet and not in phonetic english.

SEMrush has many incredible tools to help you optimize your content in Japanese using the right words and topics. Use the Topic research to get all the content you need to write straignt in actual Japanese! It’s very cool.


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