Is Blogging Important For Success In Network Marketing?

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In this vide, Trey Bearor discusses whether or not blogging is important for success in Network Marketing.

Short answer; not really, but depends on your goals.

Blogging is LONG TERM Marketing meaning that you can’t expect to write a few blogs and have leads coming in out of no where. It takes daily consistency and when you SEO (search engine optimization), you CAN actually have leads coming to you years after your blogs were written.

So if you have a long term vision in Network Marketing or your MLM business, and understand that blogging is long term goal…then yes, it can be very important for your multilevel marketing business.

However, if you want a short term “win” then I would suggest actively prospecting and talking to people on social media or face to face to see if they’re open to your product, service, or network marketing opportunity.


1. Pay for the paid membership instead of the free membership.

Typically, the paid memberships offer better features and your blog is more apt to be found in search engines.

2. Brand Yourself, Not Your Company

If you’re thinking long term with blogging, I would brand yourself because you never know if your company might close it’s doors, be bought out by another company, or you decide that’s not the MLM company you want to be with. If you brand your MLM company, you’ve just wasted years of content creation.

3. Have A Call To Action

At the end of your blog, tell your audience where you want them to go. This means you’re asking them to share the blog, comment below, or go download a free workshop of yours.

This helps with lead generation and growing your email list of cold/warm leads.

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