Introduction to Search Engine Optimization SEO

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In this video, I discuss the main concepts of search engine optimization, also known as SEO. This video was made as an intro for a teen on the Peer Unschooling Network ( curious about web design and development. I shared with them that I think in modern times, learning SEO is probably more valuable than learning to build websites.

I state that the first step of SEO is to get inside the head of your user and figure out what terms they might be typing into Google, which you hope to rank highly for. There is a bit of psychology and marketing here. Then I explain the three key things that you need to rank high for those keywords:
1) to have those keywords present on your web page
2) to provide links on your web page pointing to useful resources around the web
3) to create backlinks around the web from useful websites that point to your site

Of course there’s much more to be learned about how to specifically tackle these problems, but I felt this was a good overview, mainly to point out that SEO is super valuable and also isn’t that related to programming itself.


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