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Make money is an everyday task. Internet money could be an easy or difficult make money action if you do not have a daily make money action plan. A make money action plan can be based on the slogan “Plan your work – Work your plan”. So how do we make internet money?

Recent financial crisis made evident that there is a money, financial and liquidity problem. The most common problems preventing someone from making online money are inactivity, wishful thinking, and daydreaming plus lack of planning. Time is restricted each day and in only 24 hours we must cover all our needs. So we must plan our daily program. Why not having also a make money plan?

We can develop a daily make money plan with some basic steps.

  • Make Money plan step 1 – Do extensive research online.

Search on the Internet for popular searches especially on what sells online. You cannot make money if you do not have a popular service or product to market.

  • Make Money plan step 2 – Check the competition.

Check the web to see how many pages exist for your keyword or topic of interest. If only a few websites exist for your targeted keyword the better and quicker your site will be ranked on search engines.

  • Make Money plan step 3 – Write down your goals.

Set realistic goals and a deadline to achieve them. Allow for a period of 3-6 months before seeing any results to be realistic as possible. Specific numbers should be written such as having a minimum number of visitors per day and sales of hundred dollars per month.

  • Make Money step 4 – Design and promote on the web a site or a blog.

After having designed your website or blog you need to market it on the web. There are some very good free courses, ebooks, newsletters about internet marketing and search engine optimization that you can study for free and apply what you learn.

  • Make Money step 5 – Get as many links as possible.

Getting links is the main source of traffic, especially organic search and a good idea is to have links from as many directories as possible for free. Make a habit of adding links to your site or blog each week because growth in links is essential for getting and maintaining good rankings on search engines.

  • Make money steps 6 – Make your presence online with web 2.0.

Use the power of the web 2.0 sources to make your online presence more popular. Many web 2.0 sites exist and their communities can help you tremendous on getting traffic and possibly sales.

  • Make money step 7 – Try to add often new content to your site or blog.

Search engines love fresh and updated content and your visitors will come often to see what new do you have to say. Make steps 5, 6 and 7 a routine and the equation links = traffic = sales is now a daily make money plan.

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