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Domain Authority is considered to have a major role in the field of blogging. Domain Authority is the measure of ranking of a particular website. In simple words, it is just like Alexa rank and Google Page Rank update. Many advertisers who want to advertise on your website they first check the Alexa rank and Domain Authority of your website. If they find domain authority good enough then they will show their interest on your website. Today I will give you a complete on “What is Domain Authority and How to improve it”. Same Like Domain Authority is Page Authority.

What is Domain Authority?

First of all we all should know what is Domain Authority?  Well, Domain Authority is a new metric to rank a website. If anyone wants to judge the quality of a website then this is the best option. A good Domain Authority is measured on the number of inbound links, its page rank and social media popularity. If you have a good domain authority then you will definitely get a good response from the internet world.  SEOMOZ gives the criteria of ranking they say “Getting domain authority between 20-40 is easy, but to have domain authority between 60-80 you need a lot of backlinks.

Now, we need to know how to check the domain authority of a particular website. OpensiteExplore is a website who allows you to check the domain authority. Check your website’s domain authority if it’s below 20 then you need to do some serious work.

Here is a Report of Our Domain Authority and Page Authority OpenSiteExplore.

Domain Authority Fundamental easy to understand, and it is base on Solid Backlinks, Here we Shared How to Increase Domain Authority with best Tips.

Now, the question arise How to increase domain authority. For improving your site’s domain authority you need to follow some of our tips.

Steps to increase domain authority:

1.  Quality Content:

If you have a blog and you really need to increase its domain authority then you should write quality posts daily. Quality content are the only way to get genuine back links to your website. Whatever your niche is, write all the tutorials, reviews, and other articles of this kind. It will definitely attract the new visitors and also help to get quality back links.

2. Add Inbound Links:

  1. One of the most important and difficult task is to get higher authority inbound links and this can only be possible if you write a quality article and share it with the maximum community. If your blog has higher quality inbound links then you will surely get a domain authority. Further there are many SEO techniques available which you can use to get quality back links.
  2. Use of Anchor text:
    Always use Anchor text in your articles. This will help you to get good domain authority as all the posts of your blog are inter-connected with each other.

3. Do-Follow commenting:

The Do-follow technique is very useful in this regard. This will help you to get the Solid backlink of a domain. This technique somehow doesn’t impress Google anymore. But still, it’s best to make a try.

4.  Building trust:

Building trust is very important. If you will update your blog on daily basis, visitors will know that this blog has the information we needed. So they will visit your website more often.

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