How to Increase Alexa Rank – 7 Tips to Improve Alexa Ranking Fast

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How to Increase Alexa Rank - 7 Tips to Improve Alexa Ranking Fast

Increase Alexa Rank Fast

After Google Page Rank update and Introduced, Alexa is considered as an important and prominent source by webmasters. Many advertisers, now a days, who wish to advertise on your website, they first check the Alexa rank to know how much traffic the website is getting, and what their rank according to Alexa is. Many bloggers are really frustrated because their rank on Alexa is continuously declining. Now, the good news for such bloggers, they can easily increase their Alexa rank even if they have low traffic. Now, the question what they needs to do? Well for that, they just have to follow our simple tips. Increase Alexa Rank.

These are the 10 important tips but before starting you need to know how Alexa rank works.  Alexa Rank basically calculates records those hits which passes through their system. It means either your visitors have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser or you should install the Alexa widget on your website.

Why Alexa Is Important for Webmasters?

Because if a owner go for make some money, from his / her blogs when they apply for some publishers networks. some like Google Adsense , BuySellAds, or for SponserdReviews, Companies check their alexa ranking first, because a Good alexa rank show a reputation and traffic result in public.

1. Claim Website / Add to Alexa Directory.

It is very necessary and first step to let Alexa know about your website. Once you claimed your website or blog with Alexa directory or submission you will get a good rank.

How to Increase Alexa Rank - Improve Alexa Ranking - Claim Website

Guide : How to Submit Site or Blog to Alexa Directory.

2. Install Alexa toolbar in your system.

The very first thing you need to do is to install the Alexa toolbar in your PC and also tell your readers the benefits of having Alexa toolbar installed. Visit your website most frequently via Alexa toolbar.

Also share Alexa toolbar with your friends. so peoples can also install it more peoples install you will get more ranking from alexa, your Alexa will boost fast with it.


We had written a useful guide in our past you can easily create your own Alexa Toolbar step by step.

Here is : A Step by Step Guide How to Create Alexa Toolbar

3.Install Alexa widget on your blog:

Placing Alexa widget on your blog also helps in getting good rank. This is really not a difficult task, all you need to do is to sign up for a free account and grab your widget.


How to Increase Alexa Rank - Improve Alexa Ranking - Build Widgets

You can Install Alexa Widget to your Website or Blog Easily. Just Go Here Alexa Widgets.   and Paste your website url there then click on Get Widget. Copy the html Code and paste it into any widget area into your blog.

4. Review your website:

It’ best to review your website on Alexa and also tell your readers/visitors to give a positive review to your blog. Reviewing helps in getting good rank on Alexa.

How to Increase Alexa Rank - Improve Alexa Ranking - Write Reviews.jpg

5. Update your blog daily:

It’s best to update your blog daily, if you really want to get thousands of visitors a day. Updating a blog on daily basis makes it useful and friendly for the readers.

6. Submit your articles on Social media websites:

It’s best to share your articles on social networking websites. Social networking websites like Facebook, twitter, stumble upon and reddit they have more than million users a day and sharing your articles there will be considered as a major asset for your blog and it also helps to increase Alexa rank. You would also like to Get traffic form Social Media.

7. Write Quality posts:

If you really want to improve your traffic and Alexa rank then you have to write quality articles only. If you are not a good writer then it’s best to review the article three to four times. Leave no mistake and errors and try to make it reader friendly and use proper grammar.

8. Error free Template:

If you are creating a new custom made template or installing a premade theme, then it’s best to check it completely. Sometimes, a minor issue creates hundred of problems. So, it’s best to check the template. Blogger or WordPress No matters just choose a good tempalate.

9. Leaving good comments with a link:

It’s best to leavea comment on good ranked websites; it also helps a lot in getting a good Alexa rank. But for it, you have to use some good strategies as this is an old strategy and many bloggers are still using this simple method. Try to do something unique for that.

10. Guest blogging:

Guest blogging is also a good option but don’t allow too many guest posts on your website. Too many guest posts will create a bad impression and it will ruin your blogging experience. But there is lots of factors about guest blogging, you should know about them before blogging or guest blogging. I had written 8 Reasons Why you should not Publish Guest Articles on your Blog.

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