Improve Alexa Rank Fast with Advance Legit Techniques

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Improve Alexa Rank Fast

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa rank calculate website traffic data globally and analyse a unique rank for a website, every website has ranked in numbers, like Google is no 1 using website in world Google Alexa rank #1.

Alexa going popular day by day, mostly new bloggers face with alexa ranking, old bloggers might be having good and higher alexa ranking, but new bloggers face it difficult, because now a days competition is very high and lot of websites getting indexed daily and millions of already indexed.

Before i has been posted about Increase Alexa rank tips, but now in this competition that tips are not enough to boost alexa rank, need some advance techniques, i have searched about it on google, but mostly bloggers shared old tips, such as content quality, social sharing, etc. but that’s not enough now go for some new techniques and tips.

Why Alexa Rank important?

Reputation: Higher Alexa Ranking is the reputation of the website/blog, it explain a website value or worth in numbering calculation.

Money: Only high volume traffic or Quality Contents are not enough to make money with blog, Alexa ranking also important for every blog to get approvals from sponsors or advertisers.

What is Advance techniques to improve alexa ranking ?

So here you might be wondering what are advace alexa boost up tips and techniques, actually old tips are now old, now every blogger now what to do after making new blog, like installing alexa toolbarAdd site to alexa, or claim site with alexa etc.

1. Write on Non Competed keywords

You might be wondering, what are non competed words? but it is not difficult to understand, actually it is that words which are not in competition such as i am writing on “Improve Alexa Rank” Keyword content it has highest competition in google search engine, so write contents on that topics which are unique.

2. Decrease Bounce rate 

When visitors come to your website/blog, sometimes they leave page instantly, and it’s very bad impression for blog, so if that kind of visitors increase, bounce rate ratio also increase, So have to decrease it, it is possible when you start writing interesting content, boring content allow readers to leave page immediately. You can come to know bounce rate through Google analytics. Analytics is the most useful and free tool by google, Here is a guide for your : How to setup Google Analytics for Blog.

3. Some Common Tips Also Apply it 

  • Add Site to Alexa
  • Install Alexa Toolbar
  • Create your own site’s Alexa toolbar
  • Add Innovation in content
  • Modify Content
  • Daily Blog update
  • Install Alexa Widgets
  • try to publish Post after every 24 Hours

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