Image SEO Guide Bangla: How to Optimize Image for Search Engine Ranking

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SEO Bangla Tutorial – How to Optimize Image for Better Search Engine Ranking – Image SEO Guide Bangla A to Z.

How to check duplicate title and description:

Optimize meta description:

How to optimize title tag:

Onpage SEO guide:

Google image search gets fifty percent visitors of Google search. If you want to get more visitors from Google you have to optimize your images.

There is some work that can help you to optimize your images for better search engine ranking.

Select The Right Image
Scale Image
Optimize Image Size
Image File Name
Alt Text

Image SEO Bangla Tutorial – Select the right images

This is one of the best tips for image SEO. This is so important, select an image that is meaningful and that describes your content best.

Scale Image Image SEO Bangla guide:

Image scaling is important if you want to load faster your site. The big image takes the time to load. Scale images according to your content area.

Optimize Image Size: Image size is also responsible for slow loading website. if you want to faster your site make sure you don’t use an image that is big. Some tools can help your site like tiny png is one of the best for png file.

Image File Name: Change your image file name and make sure you keep your image file name focusing your main keywords.

Image ALT text: One of the best things for image optimization. Never forget to keep your image alt text and make sure you keep your image alt text focusing on your keywords.


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