IDentify Guest Post Before Publishing – It is Copied or Unique

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I think you are a blogger, and publishing unique contents on your blog, a hard worker blogger never would like to post a duplicate or copied content to his/her blog. Because Google can Paralyzed you, if you copy articles from other. Like in my past articles I have posted about Google Panda and Google Penguin plus its recovery. There I explained you can be hit by Google penalty, if you took any wrong action on your blog.

Well let come to point, we are here talking about Qualified articles, it is very necessary to publish quality articles, if you want to build a successful blog. Or want to make money from blog it is not too difficult to analyze a article if it is qualified or not I also has been posted about this, How to Identify Low Quality Article.

I hope your blog have a option to publish guest articles on your blog, Actually Guest articles also increase the Blog Ranking and reputation, if a famous guest writer make a qualified article on your blog, you can get up to many thousand views in some days. Because a good author has a great reputation and lots or fans.

But if you receive guest posts from some newbies or unknown peoples

If you publishing sponsored or Paid Posts on your blog, then also you should use unique content for it, because Google Penalty coming soon in previous, I had written a article about it. How to avoid it, there also simple this step if you want to make paid post, then must write a unique content and scan it with any online tools.

Various ways of guest posting, mostly peoples do guest posting on other blog it’s also called guest blogging and some peoples allow others to publish articles on their on blogs, but you should know about all facts about guest blogging, how a guest post can be harmful for your blog that is why I written on 8 Reasons why you should not publish guest post on your blog.

Top 5 Tools Copied Content Checker


Copy Scape is world famous and best duplicate Content checker. Mostly Peoples first of all use this tool to find duplicate online. This tool is best, because it analyze content and text written proper for a given specific content page. And show you at least 10 Copied Result.


Some similar tools here.

2. Virante

This tool diagnoses common causes and effects of duplicate content penalties.

Copy checker - Virante.jpg

4. Plagium

This tool is one of smilar tool that also scan words and article from Doc or txt file you can put your url and check deep and long time check your article is unique or copied from others.

4. Plagium-copy-checker

5. Plagiarisma

This is Famous tool also available for mobile phones, to check duplicate content from your android phone device.

Copy Checker - dupilcate content finder Plagiarisma

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