How to Write a Respectable Article on Any Subject in 10 Easy Steps

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You can write an article on any subject you can think but for the article to be a success with the readers you need to follow a few simple rules every time.

1. The title is the first thing people see of your article and if this fails to inspire them the article will not get read. You could have the best article ever written but without an eye catching you’re not going to attract the right people. Research has proven people are attracted to certain words in a title that will trigger an emotional, spiritual or intellectual connection with the words they read and without any connection you drastically lower the chance of having the article read at all.

2. Make sure it’s informative and actually helpful. Without giving the reader good content, most people won’t even bother reading to the end. Cover as many relevant points as you can think of on the subject and talk about each one in detail making sure to not stray away from the title of the article.

3. Know your subject. Make sure you know exactly what you are talking about. People can spot a fake who pretends to know something they clearly don’t, or worse still they believe you only to find out later your advice was totally worthless. Either way it’s not a good image for the author. If you don’t know a subject its best not to write about it. A good rule to follow is if you struggle to talk about the subject then don’t write about it.

4. Keep to the subject matter. Don’t go off at tangents and jump from one subject to the next. Keep to one subject per article. Remember, it’s just a short piece of information you are giving to the reader, not a book so keep things short, to the point and on the subject.

5. Make sure your article is NOT a sales letter. People hate spam in any form and if someone has come to your article looking for helpful advice only to find out it’s your attempt at self promotion you’ll lose a reader very quickly. If you want to talk about your own business you can add that into the resource box, that’s what its there for.

6. People like to read lists. The Top 10 Ways! 6 Top Tips! 8 Proven Methods! Whatever it is, this works great. Try to keep every point different and separate but keep it short. Don’t real off a list of 50 things to do, keep it simple so as not to overwhelm the reader.

7. Add good keywords in your article. This will really push your article rank up which is good for you when people are searching for help on what you’ve written about. Don’t overuse your keywords and deliberately write them over and over again. No doubt it would rank higher in searches but it would make the article look amateurish. People will notice that right away and be turned off by it.

8. Don’t forget to sell yourself at the end. A strong resource box at the end of a good article is almost guaranteed traffic to your website. Make sure to add the exact details you want a reader to know about you and perhaps adjust it slightly to each article.

9. Try and create your own material first. Re-writing other peoples’ article is done a lot and this is OK but I personally prefer to write my own work as much as I can. Re-writing articles is handy for people who really struggle to write, but if you can think up stuff yourself then try to do this as often as possible. Not only will you get better at writing the more you do it, but you’re being a lot more creative for yourself and learning more as you go along. If you can write about something, chances are you really know it.

10. Finally, have fun with it. Enjoy sharing your knowledge and what you’re saying. If it’s becoming too much of a chore, stop and come back later otherwise you can get bogged down, lose your point and flow of the article. You’re not writing for the 8 o’clock news so make it easy and enjoyable to read by keeping it light but informative.

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