How to Speed up Blog Loading Time? Top 5 Tips to Make Blog Faster

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How to Speed up blog loading Time

Blogging is best source to earn money for everyone. Lots of peoples using this resource, so it is very critical to consider on blog speed. Because a low speed blog can’t rank on internet and also can’t make money. There is lots of factors for low speed blog.

You are wondering what I will share here special, I will just notify you what’s your blog speed, and how you can improve it too fast.

Why Slow Speed blog is not good?

Readers don’t like low speed blog, even you will also not like a blog which is just loading and loading, and eating your net speed, you might be close it immediately, so same think if your blog is slow you will lose traffic, in my past tutorial I had written about how to drive more traffic, and also explained it is critical to gain your blog speed for increasing the volume of visitors.

Low Speed Blog’s Effects on Ranking?

Your Alexa Ranking and Google Pagerank might be reduce due to low blog speed reason. As I explained well in previous article, to Improve Alexa Rank & Increase Google Pagerank.

Why your Blog Speed is slow?

There might be many reasons, that are decreasing your blog speed, every point is important for blog speed. You might be confused why your blog’s speed slower, but don’t worry I has listed some real factors and reasons why a blog has low speed.

How to Increase your Blog Speed? Speed up Blog.

Peoples choose different kind of platforms, but mostly peoples choose Blogger or WordPress, because these two platforms are best for blogging, if you are on blogger then you need just common changes, but if you are on wordpress then lots of issues need to resolve.

Well come to point, I have to show you how to speed up blog speed. So follow my instructions.

Top 5 Tips to Speed Up Blog Loading Time

1. Choose Fast WordPress Hosting 

Hosting is very important issue, if server speed is slow, then you can try anything you cannot speed up your blog. So choose fast servers and reliable company host. One of our Partner also Provide Hosting @Eathosting

We are here introducing HostGator, it is one of famous host company which provide qualified hosting, and here is some hostgator coupons for you. You can get up to 30% discount on baby plan.

If you are on blogger platform then you do not need to worry about it. Google has fast and secured servers. Just make changes in external things, like templates and widgets / Gadgets etc.

2. Choosing a Good Theme 

Theme decision is very difficult decision for everyone, mostly peoples don’t know how to choose perfect theme for blog. Well here is very short instructions, you just see your niche and search themes or templates in Google with niche mention.


Mostly WordPress has very bad styles themes, and bad scripts many theme makers use illegal code character for theme making and add lots of paid links in it. That is why you should not go for free themes, I prefer you to use qualified themes.


Lots of blogger templates which use JavaScript and flash coding for slideshow, you should use only CSS/HTML style templates for blogger. Because blogger support only CSS/HTML.

Here I shared some free themes and templates before.

Best Free Blogger Templates.

Best Free WordPress Themes.

3. Social Lazy loading Buttons.

Biggest mistakes mostly bloggers do this, without knowing the side effects, many social bookmarking buttons reduce website speed. And it is biggest effect for ranking, even I was infected with this situation on wordpress. You can search Lazy load social buttons and add it to your blog, Lazy load buttons load when after a complete blog is loaded.

4. Optimize Images.

Large images are very critical issue for a blog, if a post contain more than 10 Large images, your page will take more than 1 minute to load. So always optimize images for websites, try to add or upload images less than 50 KB, here is some short tips to customize your website images.

Guide for WordPress : How to Optimize blog images with a plugin : optimize-blog-images-wp-plugin

For Blogger: you need to use official yahoo tool for optimize images, here is Yahoo Smushit tool. Upload your images you can reduce more than 10%.

You can also use Photoshop to reduce an image bit size easily, open images with Photoshop and resave it again and you can see a popup box for image quality and size settings.

5. Optimize Homepage

1. Use Excerpt Text & One Featured Image.

Show minimum 7 Posts on homepage with excerpt text and only one featured image. You should use excerpt text for a post on home page, for example While editing content insert a read more button, add read more button after maximum reaching 150 Words. And Set a Featured image with lower bit size.

2. Widgets

Don’t add lots of widgets for beautifying your blog, simple blog look good. And try to add minimum widgets and use minimum scripts for widgets. Add only critical widgets, like Facebook Like Box, Twitter Follow button, Email Subscription form, and some top or popular posts widget it help you to increase pageviews.

3. Scripts using

Don’t use lots of scripting like slideshow with flash embed never use it, lots of CSS files for widgets also don’t add it. Or JavaScript files it also reduce website speed.

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