How to SEO Your WordPress Website (Part 3) – Search Engine Software & Content Optimization

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In this part 3 lesson, the most in-depth and detailed part of the process, I cover the optimization of your website content in great detail.

How to optimize your website content is incredibly important to the success of your SEO campaigns so I want to walk you through the step-by-step process to optimize your content for Google to rank it best.

In this final part of the 3-part series I also cover the software to use (, detail the benefits of this SEO software and how to systematically go through your posts, pages and media and optimize the content throughout so it passes SEO best practice protocols and gets you ranking in Google as fast as possible.

In this video everything mentioned in the first two parts of the series will make total sense, from content optimization, the importance of keywords, the reasoning behind Google’s algorithms and all the Search Engine rules you need to apply with and how to do so.

Before you ask, and in case you notice… I have no idea how/why WordPress is showing the article as 1653 words and Yoast has it up over 2000! Some things are better left unquestioned.


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