How to Remove Watermark Text With Photoshop

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What is Watermark?

Watermark use to make copyright on picture or if an owner paste his name or company name on pictures so peoples can get touch with him easily. Many peoples use it for different purpose there is a lot of tools for watermarking a picture. A simple text written on photo is not called watermark, this is actually a different effect. It also show below image part mean if you see water piece on earth it is transparent so same as it watermark is transparent text.

I hope you know already about Photoshop in this article and tutorial I want to guide you to remove a watermark from a picture. It is not very difficult or very long process.

Photoshop is world famous photo editing tool it is uses for professional photography editing and many other photo and editing purpose. But in this guide we will use Photoshop for remove watermark from picture.

It is very easy to remove a watermark from a picture we will copy stuff from just above the part of picture and paste it on up watermark.

Basic Requirement

Any Adobe Photoshop Version

And almost 5 minutes

A Pic from where to remove watermark

This is pic Where used Watermark at right side on buttom

how to remove watermark

How to Start Remove Watermark

Step 1. >> Open up your Photoshop Client (Any version no problem this tool feature available for all purpose)

Open Image in Adobe Photoshop

Step 2. >> You need to Select Heeling Brush tool (Alternate is Clone Stamp Tool) Once you selected this tool.

how to remove watermark Remove Watermark with Photoshop how to remove watermark Remove Watermark with Photoshop

Once You Selected Brush or Clone stamp tool drag mouse near watermark just above the watermark text press (Alt) Key and then left key from mouse it will copy content near watermark. than drag mouse just up on watermark and press left mouse button without pressing Alt button it will paste copied area there but if you choose healing brush it will merge content.

how to remove watermark Remove Watermark with Photoshop

Slowly Slowly Remove All Watermark if you completed then enjoy see the pic below i removed watermark

Remove watermark word from a picture with adobe photoshop very easy to remove watermark from a picture a complete step by step guide to use photoshop.

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