How To Post Images In Facebook Chat

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Friends, It Is Possible To Post Images In Facebook Chat Using A Simple Trick.
While Reading You Might Feel That The Method Is Pretty Long But In Reality Is Very Short And Fast.
So Get Ready To Amaze Your Friends

So Here Is How You Can Post Images In Facebook Chat:

  1. Visit
  2. Click On “Choose File”
  3. In The Dialog Box Which Opens, Select The File You Wanna Post And Click On Open
  4. Fill In The Captcha.
  5. Click On Upload Now
  6. Now You Will Need To Like Them To Be Able To See The Code. If You Have Already Liked And Code Didn’t Appear, Just Unlike And Link Again
  7. The Code Should Appear Now. Select It And Copy It
  8. Paste The Code In The Facebook Chat Box Of The Friend You Wanna Send The Pic To.
  9. The Chat Box Should Now Display The Image You Wanted To Send!
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