How to Make WordPress Blog

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Free hosted blogs can be created for free that means you don’t need to buy a hosting plan. will provide you the required disc space, bandwidth and domain at free of cost but with the ‘’ extension. You can learn the basics of wordpress content management system using such free blog. WordPress free blogs are same as of blogs from Google but the difference is that of the content management system which is designed and developed by wordpress.

How to Make WordPress Blog?

Step 1: Visit WordPress to get the free hosted version of wordpress and follow these steps :-

· Click on Get Started button over there.

· Choose a blog address or domain name for your wordpress free blog.

· Enter a unique username.

· Your password to login into your account.

· Your E-mail address.

· Click on Get Free Blog button there.

Now to start your blog you have two options to choose:-

If you want to choose the upgraded version then click the upgrade button, which will provide you more features like more bandwidth, online file space, etc on the server side. Note that this option is chargeable according to the price mentioned over there by



The second option is of the free wordpress blog which you need to have this time. If you want to buy the hosting service then don’t choose this option, there is another way of creating wordpress website that is Self Hosted WordPress Website. Now to start your free blog, click on the Get Free Blog button.

Further Steps

· Login into your e-mail account.

· Check the mail inbox for a new e-mail from WordPress.

· Open that mail.

· Find the link “activate blog” to confirm your e-mail address and blog.

You will receive another e-mail (as soon as you activate your blog) with the login details of your free wordpress blog. You have to click on ‘Log In’ button in the e-mail and then you will get login into the dashboard of your blog.

This is the backend part of your blog. You can navigate through the options over there and start posting articles by clicking on New Post link. You can see your free wordpress website by opening a new tab in your browser and writing down domain address like, isn’t it simple and amazing?

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