How to Make Solid Backlinks For Your Blog / Website

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In this Guide You will learn. How to Make Solid Backlinks for your Blog or Website. Create Save backlinks and build it successfully for your Blog.Make Solid Backlinks.

In this Guide You will learn. How to Make Solid Backlinks for your Blog or Website. Create Save backlinks and build it successfully for your Blog.

Whenever you start SEO of your blog, the first thing which comes into your mind is “Link Building”. Link building is the technique or you can say a method which tell Search Engines about the popularity of your blog and it also tells that there is a blog.
When we start link building it is hard to differentiate between black hat and white hat link building techniques, but due to latest panda and penguin updates you have to use only white hat techniques for your blog’s link building.
Today I am going to present some Solid SEO link building strategies which i am using, so let’s get started:

1. Blog Commenting:

The worst and also the best type of link building is blog commenting, it involves a method using which you go to some blogs or websites, read the content and comment about that content. You have to include a back link pointing towards your blog. Often this is done by leaving your blog’s link in “website” section in comment form.
Some people try to do a very irritating comment just for gaining a link, which can be seen easily through their comment and ultimately which is trashed by blog owner. To get your comment approved you need to do a relevant comment which really impresses the owner and tell him that you have read his content.
And please do not try to spread spam  through some of the software, which is a black hat trick and can lead your blog to a penalty by Google. Try to Make Solid Backlinks Only.

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2. Directory submissions:

Directories are websites to tell users that what your site is about. There are a lot of Directories out there which are called Spam directories, Please do not try to submit your blog or website there it can cause a penalty to your blog.
Always try to submit your website to top ranking and trusted directories like Yahoo and Dmoz, you have to pay some bucks but that cost will worth it. Try to find some high quality free directories and submit your website there.

3. Social media:

These days, Link building have crossed its limits and entered social media networks. Some of the social media networks claim that they are giving do follow back links to worthy content, and worthy content is defined as most shared content on social media.
You should try to use this opportunity to create some quality back links. Try to sign up for some of the top social media sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. These site can give your site more back links as well as exposure to people.

4. Guest Blogging:

This is probably the best type of link building strategy, Links obtained by guest blogging are more worthy. You have to develop a list of top blogs with high authorities and try to submit guest posts there.Try to set your goal, for me it was 50 guest posts in a month.
Try to do your best in guest post and never ever try to spin content. I had received many guest post requests but when i saw their articles, they were spinned badly. It leaves a bad impression on blog owner and also you can lose your trust forever which is not good thing.
A good guest post can provide your blog with a lifetime quality back link which will be good for your site’s rankings.

5. Link Exchange:

Last but not the least, Link exchange can be very effective in link building campaigns for your website. We are listing that google is penalizing link exchange websites, but try to do some research and find out some high authority blogs or websites related to your website and ask him to exchange link with your blog or website.
This can lead to high quality backlink. You can also exchange links with your friend’s websites and more than that they would be trustworthy. These were some methods of link building according to seo rules defined by Google, try some of these and also share your experiences with us in comments.

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