How to make money with solidworks

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Solidworks is a 3D mechanical CAD (computer-aided design) program that is used to maximize the productivity of your design and engineering resources to create products that are better, faster, and more cost-effectively. Solidworks runs on Microsoft Windows.

Today’s article will focus mainly on the various ways you can make money working with Solidworks. If you could learn how to use the software, you would be a great asset to nearly any design. You could become a Solidworks designer earning a lot of money per hour depending on your skill levels and the number of clients you have. That notwithstanding, we have been able to draft out some interesting points you can consider to effectively make money with it. These tips works like magic but it is real. Now consider the following points:

  • Launch out to those companies that are still using the manual method and introduce your skills to them (i.e. what you can do for them, better than what they have been doing). The way you comfortably market your skills to your clients, will determine the numerous contracts you will get from your clients. In that case, packaging is very important, ensure you know how to use the program very well and package your knowledge/ideals very well, also ensure to make your presentations wonderful so as to convince your clients.
  • Begin your CAD designer business by downloading some free trial CAD software and teaching yourself how to use a variety of them. Some clients will prefer one CAD software program over others, so you should learn the most popular ones, or create an expertise in just one particular CAD software program. This learning process should take a few weeks so you can learn how to design and develop computer generated designs, blueprints, and more.
  • You can teach others also by organizing classes for beginners and asking them to pay the tuition fee. This is advantageous because the more you teach others, the more you learn (since learning is a continuous thing).
  • You can work as a software support technician, desktop support technician or application support engineer in a good company where you will be exposed to other people that make use of this program, Make friends with them and make contacts in the “community” of people using this software. This will help make your skills further.
  • You can also join specialized forums/social communities, where you share your designing skills/experience with others and if there is any available job on your designing skills, you will be contacted.
  • Your main expense will be in purchasing the proper CAD software program and then you can start to market your services to a variety of businesses. You can sign up for freelance websites and bid on projects for those who need CAD designers. You should get some business cards, set up some flyers in your local area, send out direct mail to your area, and set up a website for your business.
  • With your website you can create some designs just for show, because potential clients will want to see what you can do. Organize your designs on your website, offer some interesting information and resources for CAD designing, make it easy for potential clients to contact you via email, phone, fax, etc. You could do CAD designing in your spare time to get extra money or create a serious small business for yourself, the demand is there – you just need to supply the service.
  • You can also use the freelance working method to make money in the Solidworks business (i.e. selling your services to employers without a long-term commitment to any of them). You can do so by visiting some freelance sites and signing up to create a portfolio. Once that is done, you can then browse through all of the different offers of people looking for a freelancer who knows Solidworks and give them a bid on how much you will do the job.
  • You can also use the house layout/designs method (you can do this by visiting some sites that can permit submission of house designs. Submit the house design you have made, the site will then help you sell them)
  • Speed up your design process so as to commence a new one. Don’t delay in a particular design. Ensure you are very fast and accurate in your design.
  • The amount of money you can make online (doing anything now-a-days) is unlimited. When it comes to Solidworks, the amount of money you make freelancing or designing, all depends on how good your skills are and how much time you spend on a certain project.
  • With patience and diligence, however, you should be able to operate and make designs using Solidworks after some time. Once you master Solidworks, you can find employment in various fields such as architectural design, furniture design, and even animation.


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