How to Make Money With Paid to Click Programs

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Paid To Click programs have became very popular within the past few years. The reason why so many people have joined Paid To Click programs is because of their simplicity. They are also absolutely 100 percent FREE to join and is the easiest way to make money online. No web site is needed and you do not need to pay for hosting.

Paid To Click programs also known as PTC programs pay you to view other websites. Generally, they pay from one cent to five cents per website you view for 30 seconds depending on the program you choose to work with. This is very simple. One cent is not a lot and most of these websites allow you to view only ten to twenty sites a day. This means you will be making only ten to twenty cents a day if the only thing you do is to click on web sites.

The trick about making a decent income using these types of websites is to refer others. If you refer ten people and they click every day, you have just increased your income to one Dollar and 10 cents; you, plus your ten people clicking. Still, it is not enough but, most companies pay a few levels down. What if those ten people recruit ten each? Your income now is ten Dollars a day or three hundred a month! It can ad up quickly. The key here is to recruit as many people as you can!

Before I continue, you might want to ask, “How do these companies make their revenue to pay you for clicking?” Company A, for example charges advertisers $10 per one thousand clicks plus 20%. They end up paying $12 for the purchase of 1000 clicks. $10 goes to the members and $2 to the company.

There are a three programs I use the most. Two of them pay one cent and the other pays 2 cents. One way to build your down line into these programs is to advertise your referral link on the other PTC programs you are using.

There are other PTC programs where you can buy referrals from. There is one out there that I know of but this means you will need to spend some money. This way you will get an instant down line. Some people may have a difficult time referring others or may not have the time to advertise. They offer packages of 15 and up to 500 members. This might be a good way to get started.

The most common merchant account these PTC programs use is AlertPay. You will need to open an account with them. Once you earn enough funds from your PTC accounts, they will be transferred to your AlertPay account and from there, you can transfer your money straight to your bank account if you like or they can send you a check.

Remember, a little effort on your part is going to be required. Even though you are not going to spend a single cent, you are going to spend some time clicking on those web sites. The more sites you are a member of, the more time you are going to spend. Be consistent and click everyday. It is the only way you will see your money grow unless you have a lot of members who are clicking. It is nice to login and see your income growing every day.

Doing a due diligence is recommended before joining these type of programs. Check them out first and then start creating some extra cash that will go straight to your pocket. Please visit my blog so you can see the PTC programs I use the most.

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