How To Make Money Using Google AdWords

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People are aware that Google AdWords can make you a lot of money in a relatively short period of time, however most don’t know how. A few days back when I declared to my friends that I would be making loads of money through the affiliate marketing I was made the butt of jokes, but today their jaws drops to the floor whenever I show them my bank statement. After a lot of pestering, in a fit of benevolence I finally decided to share my secrets with them so that they can also make decent sums of money, marketing products using Google AdWords. Here I am sharing the same information with you and will try and keep it as simple as I can.

This method of mine was tested on a few friends of mine and the results were remarkable. Almost all my friends began making money within days of starting their Google AdWords campaigns. How I wish I had this information when I began, this would have saved a lot of my money and time.

So if you have made an unsuccessful attempt at making money online I strongly recommend that you follow the 5 steps I am recommending in this article. Hopefully your question of how to make money online using Google AdWords will be answered by this proven process. One key point that I don’t tire of stressing is “research”. The success of your pay per click campaign depends on the research you do, it is impossible to sell a product unless you are aware of who your potential customers are, the problems they are seeking solutions for and how your products are going to solve their problems. It is imperative that the products or service you sell address your customer’s problems for you to make thousands of dollars.

So here it is.

Step one – Research and find a new niche market.

Look up magazines and periodicals as they are a great place to find what people are looking for.
Check to see if the niche market has any affiliate programs. If there are affiliate programs running see their ranking to determine the traffic they are attracting. Generally Alexa ranking is the safest bet to ascertain the ranking.
Check out related affiliate program to compare content and offerings. Once this is done try and answer these questions.
Is there enough demand in the market?
Who is the target audience?
What is the market looking for?
What are the problems confronting the market?
How does the product satisfactorily address the problems?
Will you be able to cross sell products?

Step two – Data Analysis.

What is the quantum of demand?
How many affiliate programs are addressing this demand?
What products are being promoted within the industry?
What are the keywords advertisers are using?
What is the quality of products offered?
What is the feedback from the people who used the products? Forums, reviews, and news groups is an excellent source to find answers.
Does the affiliate programs have an Alexa rating below 100,000?

Step three – research keywords.
List all the benefits
Browse magazines to get keywords
What are current hot topics?
Get keywords by visiting forums and user groups.
What are the problems people are seeking solutions for?
What is the hot advice being circulated?
What is the view on the topic in the forums?
What are the competitors saying on their websites?
Look for keywords that competitors are using to make money.
Check the search volume generated by those keywords.
What is the Yahoo! And Google ranking?
How many AdWords campaigns are currently running?
Check cost per click vs. commission.

Step Four – Create a Landing Page

create a innovative and interesting landing page to cater to the demand.
Use keywords after researching the content.

Step Five – Create a Pay per click campaign.

Develop a PPC campaign around the niche market.
Ad groups should not be saturated with keywords, 20 keywords or less is ideal.
Both the title and the body of the ad should have keywords.
Test ad groups between different websites and products.
Test frequently.

These are the steps you need to follow if you desire to make tons of money online. Research is the most important factor that teaches you all about the market, so spend time doing thorough research. There is no room for complacency if you wish to make money online.

Would you like to know more? Check out this site for more information about the above topic!

Source by Sutikno Slamet

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