How To Make Money Testing Video Games – Avoid Making These Mistakes

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I am a games tester and I make money testing video games. You can definitely make a decent income testing video games. It seems too good to be true right – sitting on your couch beta testing unreleased video games and getting paid for it, but it’s a reality now with the gaming industry being worth in excess of 30 billion dollars. Here are a few tips, which if you follow, will make sure you succeed as a video game tester.

Tip 1: Don’t Get Scammed By A Video Game Testing Guide

Because games testing has become such a viable money making opportunity, many people are trying to cash in by selling bogus scam guides. They will promise you unlimited jobs that can pay hundreds of dollars an hour. In reality this is crap. I know this because I bought a few of these guides before stumbling upon a legitimate one that has hooked me up with some great jobs. Check out the bottom of this article for more information.

Tip 2: Take It Seriously

I know some of you are probably laughing at this comment, but you need to be pro active to succeed as a video game tester. You need to make contacts with the job offers and make sure you present yourself as a reliable person. Don’t wait for days to reply to emails – show them you are keen and willing to make money testing video games. When you start landing jobs, make sure you give as much information as possible – be thorough and you will be rewarded with more jobs. It goes without saying that you need to meet all deadlines set.

Tip 3: Own A Few Gaming Platforms

This is one of the most common mistakes why people fail as a video game tester. The reality is the more gaming consoles you own, the more jobs you will be able to take, and the more money you will be able to make testing video games. An insider tip is that you can generally make the most money testing Xbox 360 games, so I would definitely recommend you own that gaming console at least.


If you are serious about make money testing video games and follow the above tips, there is no doubt that you will be successful. Make sure you stay pro-active and respond to all relevant job assignments, and you will quickly earn a name for yourself as a reliable video games tester.

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