How to Make Money – Reducing Cash Expense

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Learn how to make money not by increasing the income, but by reducing the related cash expenses. Sometimes people don’t realize how much they spend just to get to the work site each day.  There are the costs of driving an automobile, including fuel, vehicle replacement, insurance, tires and batteries and all the related costs for transportation.  In addition there can be costs for child care, eat out lunches. If you can reduce these expenses, you will have more disposable income, no matter what the source of your income is.

Why it works

Learn how to make money by understanding the concept of cash expenditure reduction to have more disposable income from each pay check.  If you are not required to spend money in order to garner an income, you will be able to survive on a smaller income and not even feel the pinch of insufficient income. Keeping track of your cash expenditures for a month will help you to see where reductions could be made, but a very easy way to increase your income significantly is to reduce the expenses instead.

Reduce Transportation

How to make money is the subject of many people’s search of the internet. Often, they will try to find a way to bring in a few dollars here and there with work at home, or online work.  This is a step in the right direction, because working from your home office means you are not required to travel to an office site elsewhere with all the related costs and cash expenditures involved in commuting. Transportation costs are in most instances the largest single cost of holding down an outside job.  By drastically reducing or even eliminating the majority of transportation expenses, you make those dollars available to spend for other things.

Higher Efficiency

You can learn how to make money by studying ways to make your work time more efficient.  Usually working from your home means that you don’t waste time in traveling to and from the job site. Instead, you can spend the hour or two that you previously spent on the road or on the commuter train working at home.  This allows you to effectively earn hundreds more each month, depending upon how long your daily commute was. You can schedule your work time in shorter bursts so that you get more done in the same amount of time. When you are not tired and stale from long hours doing the same task, you are likely to be much more efficient.

Reduce work related expenses

Find how to make money by reducing other work related cash expenses.  In addition to cutting transportation expenses when you choose to earn your income at home, other expenditures are reduced when you switch your work site to your home office and home computer.  For example, many people who work at an office also buy lunch out.  If you are not buying lunch each day, you will be saving a significant amount of money over the course of a month. Other work related expenses include parking fees, clothing cleaning and maintenance and office gift collections.


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