How to make money online as a teenager in 2018 – Proven Business Models

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Using these methods, I am sure that you will start to make money. These methods have little to no start-up costs and some of them have a high profit expectancy. I have personally used 2 of these 5 methods and they have proven to be very successful. However, i believe i have given enough thought and value to the other 3 so they certainly won’t be lacking anything.
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*Number 1 on this list is Fiverr – do things you love and get paid! *
Do you have something that you really love and enjoy? Well, everyone has something that they look forward to doing. Wht would you do if I told you that you can make money doing things you love. People will pay money for you to do something you love for them. Be it voice overs, singing, photoshop you name it there are endless possibilities and ways to earn money. I have seen so many random things people are getting paid stacks to do like an old man singing happy birthday who markets each gig at $7.50 and has over 500 sales.

*Number 2 on this list is Affiliate marketing – advertise someone else’s product and get paid for every sale. *
Now this is a great way to get solid passive income. There are many ways to advertise this for example: YouTube. Make videos like featuring the products or services like reviews and once people start watching your videos someone is bound to click on the link and buy something they found quite cool.

*Number 3 on this list is becoming an Instagram Influencer*
Wanted to become internet famous? Well this is the way! Build up a page of organic followers that like, comment and share your posts with friends. You can either start with a bot, buy followers, or use tags and post regularly. Once you become known people will start buying shout-outs and promotions which you can re-invest into advanced bots.

*Number 4 on this list is Domain Flipping*
This is where you buy 50 or so domains for $1 each surrounding trending topics and list them on a domain selling site. The ones I recommend is GoDaddy and Flippa but if you found better ones that you like the look of then you can list them on there. try selling them for $75 which means a profit of $25 from selling just ONE domain. Imagine how much you would make if you sold all 50 of them.

*And finally Number 5 – Dropshipping!*
I have talked about this in more depth in this video:
But essentially dropshipping is where you find cheap products on AliExpress and list them for a higher price on your website. You will also need to advertise with either Instagram influencers or Facebook ads. As I say check out the video (link above) for more in-depth information!


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