How to make money online as a beginner

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In this video, I talk about a method that I did back in 2012 to make some money online.

It’s very old school, and will require you to do some actual leg work!
(Or outsource it and have someone else do it, of course)

In short, you’ll be handing out flyers. On the flyer, you’ll have a link that goes to an affiliate link, and that’s pretty much it.

I made around $70 when I tried this at an event when I tried this for a around an hour. I know others who have done this that have made a lot more, so there’s definitely a lot of potential here!

What you need:

1. An account with a CPA network
2. A printer & paper, or access to it (internet cafe perhaps)
3. A domain name, which you will redirect to the affiliate offer/landing page

Note: This method will work the best if you are located in one of the bigger countries, such as the US/Canada/Australia. They typically have better offers for this method.

That’s pretty much it.

Let me know if you have any questions, and please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it.


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