How to Make Fast and Easy Money – 10 Easy and Realistic Methods

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In today’s economy more and more people are searching for alternate methods to make fast and easy money. Whether it is to add an additional income stream to help pay the bills or build a full-time income there are many methods that can be applied today to start generating a substantial income.

What I am talking about is internet marketing. Don’t worry, you don’t have call anyone or be responsible for inventory. No what I am referring to is affiliate marketing.

There are thousands of affiliate marketing programs online that are free to join that pay you a commission for every sale generated by your marketing efforts. In many cases you can make up to 75% commission off a product!

Clickbank is one of the largest affiliate marketing sites online and is free to join. They have thousands of digital products you can promote and make a substantial monthly income using the 10 how to make fast and easy money methods below.

So let’s get started…

1. Article Marketing – This is my favorite and very effective. There are hundreds of article directories online that allow you to post articles for free. So how do you make money with articles? Like this…say you want to promote a Clickbank product that teaches how to cure a golf slice.

First you go to Google and do a search using quotes for a keyword phrase like such: “how to cure golf slice”. You want to use a phrase that shows search results less then 5000. This will allow your article to rank on Google’s first page for that phrase.

Next become a member at various article directory sites and write an article using your keyword phrase in the title. Also make sure to use your keyword several times throughout the article.

Last there is a section called an “Author Box” or “Resource Box” where you can write a couple of catchy call to action sentences with your affiliate link to your product. Now people will see your title on Google when searching for your keyword and read your article clicking on your link to get additional information and hopefully purchase your product. Bam…you just got paid!

Fast and easy money…

2. Squidoo – Squidoo is another excellent free source to make money online. It is free to become a member and you can basically create really cool websites more like blogs that rank very well with Google. Here you want to use the same keyword techniques for article marketing for your lens title and content titles. Very powerful and easy to setup.

3. Blogging – Blogging is very easy and fast once you get your blog setup. If you are not familiar with blogging it is basically a mini website where you post short stories, articles or whatever and Google absolutely loves them. Same keyword techniques apply here as well. There are many free blog sites that provide customer templates making it a snap to setup such as Blogger and WordPress.

4. Yahoo Answers – Here is a very fast and easy way to make money online. Simply join and answer people’s questions. The trick is you want to provide answers that actually provide value and help with your link attached. Only answer questions that are relevant to your affiliate product.

5. Craigslist – Craigslist receives over a million visitors every day making it a prime place to market your affiliate product. It’s free to join and you can post ads linking to your website.

6. Forums – Posting in forums that are relevant to your product works very well. This method alone can produce a fair amount of money if done properly. In order for this method to work you must not spam the forums but participate and add value with your postings. You can add your link with a catch phrase as your signature so every time you post your link is in your signature. You can really receive a lot of traffic from forums.

7. Social Marketing – This is participating in sites such as MySpace or Facebook. Here you join many groups and send information to those groups about your offering.

8. Video Marketing – YouTube is an excellent source for this. Simply make a short video about your product and post it on YouTube with your link in the video. These rank very high on Google.

9. News Groups/Online Groups – Participate in various online groups such as Yahoo360 and Google. This works much like forum posting.

10. Web Site – Build free websites using sites such as Weebly or Webr providing a review about your affiliate product. People love review sites and these convert very well.

There you have it, 10 methods how to make fast and easy money online. All 10 methods are free and with a little work you can build a substantial monthly income.

Source by Michael Ingles

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