How to make BLOG and Earn money through Lazada and Google Ads 2017 Philippines – Tagalog

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Step by Step guide on how to make a blog for FREE. You can earn on blog By putting Google ads and Affiliate links. You can create you own blog in less than 15 minutes and it completely free. On this video I will cover just the basic stuff on making the blog such as name / address / format and basic design. I will also teach you on how to make gadgets and how to move it around. I will give some tips on how to make articles or posts on your blog.

There are lots of success stories when it comes to income to blog. The first step to that success is to create your own blog. Blog is monetized on different ways but i showed here 2 ways: 1 through lazada affiliate marketing or reselling of products and 2 google adsense. There are qualifications in order for you to put google ads and I will teach that on a future video.

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For the meantime you can monetized your Blog through affiliate marketing in Lazada:
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