How To Make A Blog On WordPress 2017 [THE EASY WAY]

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How To Make A Blog On WordPress 2017 | $1/mo Hosting + Free Domain –

WordPress is one of the most famous blogging platform that allows you to make simple blogging pages. There are several reasons when learning how to make a Blog on wordpress 2017 due to which people refer to use WordPress over other blogging platforms. As WordPress is in this field for quite a while now it has evolved itself a lot.

It has turned itself into a content management system. It has proved to be one of the most successful blogging platform because of its robust features that shows people how to make a blog on WordPress 2017. WordPress customers simply love WordPress and this can be seen by the overwhelming success of it. It has been found out that 22.5% of the websites when learning how to make a blog on WordPress 2017 on the internet are powered by WordPress.

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Before making a blog you first need to decide what your blog is going to talk about. Then you need to make sure that you can gather useful content for how to make a blog on WordPress 2017 and it as well. Then you need to start off following the below mentioned steps.

You need to follow the following steps to make a good blog.

Get your domain name

People ask why do you need a domain name when you want to start a website. The companies those who provide domain names also provide you space so that you could keep your files there as well. Domain names are just like telephone numbers you can dial one if you have a number. How to make a blog on WordPress 2017 The same way if you have the domain name then you can access the website.

Sign Up

For this you need to fill your personal details into your account when learning how to make a blog on WordPress 2017 and then go to the final step of payment. As there are numerous services available thus each service is going to take up the user details according to its own requirement.

The third step that you need to take is to pay the service provider for the services he is offering. The service provider is going to offer you different kinds of packages among which you have to choose one. Then you need to pay according to the package you have chosen. You need to add your billing information as per the requirement and the proceed to checkout to pay the desired amount.

As you are designing and learning how to make a blog on WordPress 2017 there may be times, Especially if you’re a beginner that it will feel difficult. I promise you tho, If you just stick with me and do each step with me in the video tutorial, There is no possible way you can get lost. In all of my videos i try to cover everything, Step-by-step. I also try to make it beginner friendly, How people like tyler moore, james stafford and other great website creators do. If you are beginning and this is the first time you are making a website that is perfectly fine.

Most people trying to learn how to make a blog or how to build a website 2017 will like this guide and find it useful. It’s just a great video for wordpress beginners starting out building there first website.

Install WordPress

The fourth step that you need to take is to install WordPress on your computer. When learning how to make a blog on WordPress 2017 is Now you own a domain name and you just need to install WordPress so that you can create pages of your blog that can be posted into the server so that people can view your blog. While installing, and learning how to make a blog on WordPress 2017, it will ask for your domain name as you have bought a domain name just enter it.

Now the WordPress features that will help you develop a good blog. Following are the features that is going to power your blog with some exceptional themes.

Find out how to make a blog on WordPress 2017 provides numerous themes that will help you make a good blog for yourself. There are a lot of free themes and some are paid. The themes that are free of cost are made that the viewer can’t tell that you haven’t spent a lot on your blog. In addition to that these themes are customizable. It will come in handy when your learning how to make a Blog on wordpress 2017 and this flexibility helps the blog owners a lot as they would love cut and cop their blog according to their desire.

WordPress offers thousands of plugins to the user from which he can pick and choose. In addition to this these plugins are customizable.

Go find out how to make a blog on WordPress 2017 and this allows the user to modify the code accordingly.

WordPress allows you the facility of monetizing your blog. Mostly free blogging platforms don’t allow you to implement third party advertising.

Free blogging platforms write in their terms and condition that they may delete your content if any of the condition is violated. But when you finally learn how to make a blog on WordPress 2017 this allows you with the feature of having ownership of your content.


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