How to Increase the Size of Your Penis in 2 Weeks

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Are you looking to learn How To Increase The Size Of Your Penis in 2 weeks. Well I am going to show you how you can see results in 2 weeks. Of course the longer you continue with these methods that I am going to show you, the more you will gain. Here are some tips on How To Increase The Size Of Your Penis.

What you have to do is to do in penile enlargement workouts. These methods have been proven scientifically, and it has even been discovered that they have been used by ancient civilizations to gain inches to their length. There are no side effects. I have used penile enlargement exercises to go from 7 inches to 9 inches. You can gain 4 inches yourself.

While your penis is soft or not erect, grab it at the base by your pubic hairs and make a milking motion up like you were milking a cow. If you start to get erect, stop, until you go down, then continue. Do about 10-30 milking motions. This is not masturbation, this is an exercise, so do not do it while you are erect.

Now if you really want to gain in 2 weeks, here is the secret. Combine The penile enlargement Workouts with Blood enhancing Foods. Foods like bananas, onions, cherries , salmon, peaches, plums and a few others will speed up your gains by making your blood circulation better to your cells in your penile chambers. You will gain girth and length very fast with that tip. Trust me.

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