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Here we bring a tutorial which will tell you how to make out How to Identify low quality Content or high Quality Article.

After the Google Panda algorithm roll out, every blogger who may be the victim of this update or not is looking out to find out how to be safe from such updates. One of the best ways to be safe from such current updates and future updates is to create a website with high quality content.


Here we bring a tutorial which will tell you how to make out which article or content is low quality and what things to include in an article to make it high quality.

How to Identify Low Quality Content or Article.

We have found all these main bullets which are the characteristics of a low quality content or article.

Duplicate Titles and Description

If two or more than two articles are having almost the same title and Meta description then these are the low quality articles which you are looking for and these should be trashed. You can try and create a common article which includes the content of both of the previous articles. Try to write new article with a fresh and catchy (only for users not for search engines) title.

If you are not sure which articles are having duplicate meta descriptions and titles then you can go to Google Webmaster Tools and you will find information related to duplicate description and titles at this location, Optimization > HTML Improvements.

Short Content Articles

If you had written articles with very less content (less than 200 words) then these articles should be removed. You must write articles with at least more than 200 words. It is recommended to write a minimum 400 words article and that too in a well characterized manner. You can read our tutorial on how to write quality content on this link, click here.

Articles Receiving no Traffic at all

Articles which have not received any traffic then such articles should be removed or rewritten properly with important links, information, images or videos. Images and videos increase the interest of visitors a lot and that’s why they should be used in article wherever required. So if you found some articles which have not received any traffic then it is recommended to either remove such articles or to rewrite them with proper and quality information.

Articles Having More than 10% of Keyword Density

If the density of main target keywords is more than 8-10% in an article then that article is a low quality content as Google nowadays is very strict when it comes to the use of keywords.

So this is how you can make out and list low quality content articles from your website. You can read our further guidelines on how to remove such low quality content from your website, click here.

Always write good quality articles with complete required information as per the title of the article so that your website receives good traffic from Google and your website’s rank reaches a good traffic rank.

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