How to Grow Your Penis by Using Your Hands As Inch Gainers

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I am going to give you some useful advice here. The advice that I am about to show you is critical on How To Grow Your Penis. It will help you to gain up to 4 inches to your length and add girth as well. You will use your hands as inch gainers. They will assist you in growing. Not some pill or pump, but your own 2 hands my friend. Here is how you do it.

The First method is called the Okay Milking Method. Why, because it is done by making the shape of the Okay symbol using your thumb and index finger. Take your hand with that shape, make sure it is lubricated and perform 15 milking motions from the base of your penis to the top of your head like you were milking a cow. It is real simple. Now after you do it, perform the stretch in all the directions like up, down, left, right.

Next is the power stretch, and this one has a similar grip to the okay method, use your okay grip with the index and thumb. Lubricate your hands and make sure you are standing up, then pull your penile head away from your body by holding the head and hold it for 10 seconds. Next, while continuing to hold the stretch, Squeeze your PC muscle and hold for 5 more seconds. Then that counts as one. Do 2 stretches for each direction, and what I mean by that is stretch it up, down, left and right.

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