How to Get Website Top on Google Search Result

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A Very friendly Guide, How to Get Website Top on Google Search Engine or Result, Now you can gain Traffic to get top of Google search.Get Website top of Google Search Result. Getting indexed at top rank in Google is all a website wants if you want to drive free and organic traffic. It will also increase the social reputation of your website, thanks to Google Plus.

The best you can do to take your website on top rank in Google search is to create a user friendly website with high quality information. Rest topics you should look for are here mentioned below.

Get Website Top on Google Search with Best this Tips.

  • Stick to the Niche of Blog

Just stick to the niche of your blog. Writing off topic or off niche articles will not work for you. It is recommended to write articles that are related to the niche or topic of your blog.

  • Write High Quality Unique Content

Content has the information and information is the main thing for which a user will visit your site. Try to provide the best information to the user. If you are not 100% sure about the information then it is better to do a research before writing that.

  • Write Attractive Title

Title is the first thing which users read in the search engines. So try to write attractive title for the article. Title should also cover the topic of the content but in less than 60 words (including spaces).

  • Write Good Meta Description

After Title, Meta description is there which is visible to user in search engine. If user finds something interesting in that description then he will surely visit your website. So try to write the summary of the content but in less than 160 words (including spaces).

  • Wisely Choose Keywords

Importance of keywords is not great with the current search engine algorithms but still they have their effects. The density of main keywords related to the article should be less than 5% in the content. Avoid again and again use of these keywords in the subheadings. Concentrate on writing an article with high quality information for the users not for the search engines.

  • Optimize the Content

Make use of sub headings and images wherever necessary in an article. Also categorize the content into the sub paragraphs. Embed useful and topic related videos from YouTube. This will surely help you and it will also increase the interest of user.

  • Don’t Try to Fool Search Engine

Don’t go for any link building strategies, keyword stuffing and other things which you think might fool the search engine and your website will be at high rank. But these days, search engine algorithms can easily find out all such strategies resulting in the indexing of your website at very low rank.

  • Wait for the Good Results

According to me, a best or good result takes time. So keep patience and just concentrate on providing quality information through your blog.

There are a lot of myths about how to get your website on top in Google search. You should be careful of all such myths and not to be the part of them. You can read our article on SEO myths, click here.

Wrap Up

  1. Stick to the Niche of Blog
  2. Write High Quality Unique Content
  3. Write Attractive Title
  4. Write Good Meta Description
  5. Wisely Choose Keywords
  6. Optimize the Content
  7. Don’t Try to Fool Search Engine
  8. Wait for the Good Results

Last Word

A role of website is to provide information to the user not to the search engines. So keep providing high quality latest information to users and you will find your website on high rank easily.

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