How to Get Traffic to Your Blog Using Backlinks

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These days, setting up a blog is a no brainer. But once you're done, it's not going to attract visitors unless you do some promotion. If you have the right knowledge about your target audience, it's often just a matter of letting them know that there's such a blog as yours. Otherwise, you could be visiting your blog site everyday and you'd be lucky if there's a single comment left on it by a visitor who got there by a one-in-a-million chance. These days, to assum if you "build it and they will come" will leave you with a fantastic website, but absolutely no traffic.

What you need to focus on is building back links. Back links are simply links to your website from other websites, telling the search engines that your website is good and there before allowing them to send you traffic. A number of conventional ways of building back links are listed below:

Let's look at some of the more simple, traditional ways to generate traffic and gain backlinks. The simplest ways to generate traffic to your blog by generating backlinks are often the most effective; however they do require a lot of work.

Here are some of the conventional way of generating traffic and building back links to your website:

Firstly, you should submit your blog to blog directories and search engines. A simple email to the people you know with your blog site URL is a good start. They may not share your interests, but if they could oblige and refer your site to their own friends who do. If you already have a website, whether personal or for business, it will not take a lot to have some backlinks to your blog site and vice versa.

Register yourself in a forum or community sharing the interests you have in your blog site. If you love music or movies and you have artist reviews or simple ins and outs in the entertainment world, there are plenty of music loving forums out there. Just do not make your joining to get the forum members so obvious. You would need to be an active participant in these communities for at least a reasonable time, at least a month, so you can plug your blog site but do not do it if the plugin is irrelevant to your post or message as this can be constrained as spamming. Alternately, you can also have your avatar or signature with your blog site URL on it.

If you have a calling card, it's natural to have your blog site URL printed there. And if you have routine mailers and correspondences, always put your blog site URL under you name as part of your signature. Update and Update When you have a blog and assuming you already enjoy tricks of people visiting it, the worst thing you can do is to forget about it. Update your blog site at least on a weekly basis. If you provide quality content to your audience, then they will give you a backlink by linking to your article from their own website.

Make sure you read every posted comment on your site. The people who took the time to post expect some a rejoinder from you and not just a lame feedback like "nice post" or "thanks for the post." Engage your visitor with your own useful and insightful rejoinders so you can provide content that they want.

Write articles in website article databases and have a back link to your blog site using key words on those articles related to your site. If you follow these methods, you should receive a number of backlinks to your blog. But often people find these methods too time consuming, with the benefit not being worth the time spending doing these things. You need to be ready to invest either time or money.

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