How to Get Traffic to Your Blog – 17 Tips to Increase Traffic

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In this Beginner Guide, Get to Learn How to Get Traffic to your blog with best and top 17 Blogging Tips.

Get traffic of a website is the obsession of every webmaster in this article, or better in these 2 articles (the article is too long then it will be divided into two parts) we will see all possible methods to increase traffic on your web page.

Blog Traffic Tips How to get Traffic to your Blog

How to Get Traffic to Your BlogBest Blogging Tips.

1. Submit Site to Search Engines.

* Suggest your site to all search engines: Often just insert a link to a page that is already in the index of the engine, but sometimes you have to suggest our url, do it for all the search engines, even if Google represents the main source for our visits other search engines can contribute to our purpose.

2. Make All Posts / Pages Seo Friendly.

* Optimize all your pages by making them SEO Friendly: Factors affecting the positioning are many and not all are known, but many of them have already been revealed, leaving the details are not cured anything, the speed to the tag title the url etc.

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3. Browsers Accessibility.

* Your site is accessible to all browsers? often happens that there are compatibility issues with browsers css, test your site and correct any errors, you can read How to test different browsers with CSS.

4. Monitor Analytics.

* Constantly monitor our analytics. This method will reveal which strategies have worked, where our visitors come and which pages are most visited. Thanks to all the information Google Analytics, we can see if what we write or not like visitors, logically, if a theme like most of the other’s focus on this specific subject. An example of how much you understand this article with analytics is a Reduce the bounce rate and increase earnings.

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* Create a button for feeds. In this way you will give the visitor the possibility to be always updated oggni once you publish a new article.

* Enter your site in major directories With this method we will have a double advantage, increased visits and link popularity. Of course you do not even spend your life visiting 10000 directory, suggest your web page in the main directory and the theme with your site.

* Write interesting content and original. Copy does not copy style will be useful, take inspiration from what laws and creates useful and comprehensive content. The web is full of sites dealing with your own theme so there will be anything but easy.

* Make sure that whoever reads your content is pushed to insert a link in his blog. This represents a key point to increase visits. Offer free resources, free downloads, ebooks and more tools if you have the chance.

Well like I told you in 17 ways to increase traffic to a website Part 1 we came to the second part:

* Offering discounts to your users. If you are an e-commerce or at least you have the opportunity you offer discounts to your members, word of mouth will do the rest.

* Visit blogs and forums that deal with the same theme. I would say a good way, comment on blogs and forums of the other items in an appropriate manner. Comments such great article, or worse, or by entering the url of your site are often considered spam, then commented criticizing or adding something to the article.

* Create a newsletter. This method as well as make contact with your visitors will give you the opportunity to alert the user of your news that may be opening a new blog or a contest.

* Publish a Review. Try to get a review on your site or blog services that deal with similar topics.

* Write often. Our motto is just one more chance to write and more chances to increase visits to your site.

* Offline advertising. Imagine being the owner of a dating website of our city, well-publicized unleash the imagination and the most of your site in your town, then in newspapers, yellow pages, T-shirts, local, on your car and so on and on and so put.

* Create an affiliate program for your site. Expensive but I would say the most effective, if you do not hesitate to spend a few dollars, creat your own affiliate program and manage them as you like, there is always an alternative adwords of Google.

* Link your site with others in your industry. If you really want to do link exchanges or buy banner space do it with blogs and sites dealing with your same issue.

* Connect your blog to social networks. By now, most Internet users spend most time on Facebook and the like, overtake with your group or your page.

Well I think I said everything, if you are ready to add more tips.
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