How To Get Top Google Ranking Using My Top 3 Traffic Sources

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Learn how to use my “big 3”.  This is hands down the greatest way to make money online and start a mudslide of traffic that will just end up growing by it’s self!

Here are 3 ways to bump up your traffic to guru status…

Before we get started remember if your going to achieve any success then you must take action!

Pay Per Click

This isn’t a free source of traffic but it is the quickest and easiest way to start generating targeted traffic.  But their is a right way to making money off of your PPC campaign and the right way is through pin point traffic.

Get to know your audience and find out what are the buyer keywords.

Article Marketing

Same deal here but for article marketing it’s a tad different.  Finding and incorporating buyer keywords work but,with article marketing you want to create articles to start link building.  Articles assist you in increasing your website traffic.

Mass submit articles to get tons of backlinks

Video marketing

Once again it all starts with targeted traffic but the power of the video starts with branding.  Most marketers will fail because their list won’t know who they are.

Th the end of the day all of these traffic sources can compliment each other and help build a very powerful formula!

Would you like to know how I do it? Then read below and learn how you can dominate the search engines with my “big three”…

Would you like to know how I do it? Then read below and discover how you get top google rankings to “Exploding Your Online Business!”…

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