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So, a few videos back, I lamented that the whole desire to curate has led to a rather anti-social existence. But who is to blame and how do we correct this?

In this week’s video, I talk about correcting course, but we are going to have to do something radical and it has everything to do with changing incentives.

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Clips and references:

Video where I discussed the initial issue:
“You’re plastic! Cold, hard plastic!” Mean Girls
“People call these things imperfections, but they’re not. Oh, no…that’s the good stuff.” Good Will Hunting
“I’ve lost my mojo!” Austin Powers –
“Well, good luck with that!” Spongebob to Plankton
“Okay, you all know the drill…” The usual suspects
Evil laugh, Gary Oldman as Dracula (1992)
“This, this is why we can’t have nice things!” Archer
“It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault!” Simpsons
“I knew it! I’m surrounded by a$$holes!” Spaceballs
“If you really want to be popular, consider two little words: Sex Tape.” Kick Ass 2
“Good Talk.” Michael Bluth, Arrested Development


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