How to Get More VIEWS & SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube FAST! Grow Your Channel with SEO! (2017)

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Learn how to get more views, subscribers, watch time, likes, comments on your YouTube channel FAST using SEO (Search Engine Optimization. Over 50% of my views every month (on average) come through the YouTube search. I have been able to get over 7 million total views and 70,000 subscribers (thus far) mostly due to how well my YouTube videos have ranked in the YouTube search. When you learn how to properly title your videos, write your descriptions, come up with tags, make good thumbnails, create playlists, use endscreens, cards and/or annotations, and utilize your following on other social platforms to your advantage, your channel, you’re bound to see results. I am living proof that this video works, I’ve built my entire channel off of SEO over the past 3 years. This video is meant for anyone who wants to grow their channel and gain more exposure for the long term.

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00:00 – How I get most of the views on my YouTube channel
00:20 – What you’re going to learn about in this video
00:29 – vidIQ: What is it? Why do I use it?
01:40 – Working with a sample YouTube video
02:46 – How to title a YouTube video properly
04:16 – GONE SEXUAL!!!
04:38 – How to write a proper, detailed YouTube video description
07:25 – Example scenario for beauty/lifestyle YouTube channels
09:30 – Follow the trends/what’s relevant on YouTube/IRL
09:42 – What to do when you’re stuck on a YouTube video title
10:41 – How to come up with tags to use for your YouTube videos
11:06 – How to get away with click bait in your YouTube video title
11:58 – 2 SECRET tricks for more views on your YouTube videos
13:48 – Why you HAVE to add your YouTube videos to your playlists
14:56 – A successful case study
18:02 – Using YouTube video endscreens and cards (and annotations if it’s 2009)
18:28 – Utilizing social media platforms to your advantage on YouTube
18:40 – A deep dive into my YouTube channel analytics
19:45 – Why having a good thumbnail & title is the most IMPORTANT thing

I want to thank companies like RapidTags, TubeBuddy, Heartbeat (powered by Freedom!) and vidIQ for creating such useful tools for SEO for content creators on YouTube. These tools have helped saved me hours at a time coming up with the best YouTube video titles, descriptions and tags. These tools go above and beyond to help optimize your YouTube channel, allowing you to dive deep into analytics that aren’t even in your YouTube dashboard. Thanks to RapidTags & Heartbeat you can come up with well-written tags and titles within seconds, thanks to TubeBuddy and vidIQ, you can save hours of your day because of their bulk editing features, video optimization tools, and great service!

One thing I see often and a reason why a lot of channels don’t get as many views as they’d like is that their content is not well presented. Their titles are written with all the wrong punctuation, capitalization, grammar and spelling, while their thumbnail is over-done. Most YouTube channels even fail to write short descriptions in their videos or add tags when these things exist to help them grow their channel. Not only will these things decrease their ranking in the YouTube search results, anyone who comes across their videos in any other ways (social media, recommended videos, subscription box, home page) won’t want to watch them cause of how their content is presented. Please take the time to brand yourself well.

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