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The first step for anyone learning to survive on their own, owning their own business on their terms; is to completely analyze their business plan in order to make money online. Make sure your product or service is a valuable and attractive one. When choosing to make money form home, not only should your product be better than your competitors but it should exude a flow of confidence that it works, as well as a certain defiance of other products and methods that your targeted audience might have also experienced trouble with in the past. I don’t mean run out and bad mouth all of your competitors because nobody really wants a lawsuit on their hands and you will never make money online this way, but I do indicate that you should show some of the negatives of other products even if you don’t specifically name them and what makes your product or service more reliable or better.

What attracts some people may not attract others to it, so list as many things as you can and always come back and revise when you have an idea; as there is no way to make money fast without decent startup. Slow down and show the people that you do indeed offer an extraordinary value. Remeber pre selling content is truly king, offer them a newsletter or free service such as updated content frequently that will draw them in. You are looking for return visitors so you want something that will draw them back easily and frequently. If you do not do this than you will have a rough time trying to make money online consistently. It is not all a rat race to get mass traffic, although traffic is good; lets face it how good your site converts is what really matters. In order to make money you must have a quality converting site, 1% is good but imagine 4 or 7% ? That may not sound like much but it does add up awful quick if you have lower traffic numbers. You will never make money from home with horrible conversion rates, you can drive untold traffic numbers and get dismal results. The best advice I can give is to dissect every line as if you are the customer reading it for the first time. Ask yourself the following questions:

1.) Is my headline captivating?

2.) When do I start to get bored reading my ad copy?

3.) Can I highlight or bold or stand out more important things that I am trying to stress to the reader?

4.) Can I offer something free to go along with what I am describing as well?

5.) Does my copy captivate me to click on an order or signup button?

All of these questions are quite valuable ones in which you should seriously look at. Remember, if you tweak just one thing a day on your site, your conversions could increase tremendously every week.

That is just a few tips that I hope you will enjoy.

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