How to Find a Mentor When Making Money Online

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Whats up my fellow freedom fighters, so for those that are confused and wondering where the hell is the bush that usually is behind me in my YouTube videos,

I have just recently made the move to take up a mini retirement in Poland where it’s so cold, I can no longer wear my revealing bro tanks and extremely short pineapple shorts

If you have any questions about mini retirements (which you can learn more in the 4 hour work week or my book) leave a comment below

But I digress,

The other day I was scrolling down the comments, because I am a saint and read every single one that gets posted by you beautiful people and I stumbled upon this one by Faith W.

“Love this. Definitely found this video valuable. Do you mind advising how to find a mentor?”

Thanks for the question Faith! This is exactly how I did it

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