How to Earn Money as an Adult Entertainment Affiliate

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Are you tired of earning just a few measly pennies per click. Sick of watching visitors leave your site that you worked hard on, just to earn 25 cents? Is there a way to earn more per conversion, and promote a product that gets real conversions?

If you are serious about earning money online, then consider adult affiliate programs. They have the conversion power you are looking for, that drives higher sales and earns you top paying commisions. Why settle for a few cents here and there when you can earn $35 or even $105 per sign-up you produce?

Today, anyone can earn lots of money just become an adult porn affiliate for the industry. You can promote one or many of the many adult websites online and take a generous cash payment for every customer your website sends to them. Sometimes the payouts are $75 or more per new member you refer. But how do you get into the adult entertainment industry as an affiliate?

1. First choose a good adult website to become an affiliate for. The name of the game is conversions and you won’t make any money as an affiliate for a site no one has ever heard of. Some of the best today include AdultFriendFinder, FTV and AWE. Links are provided below.

2. Visit their sites or adult webmasters section to get a sense of what their material and content is like. Also try to imagine if the people who visit your website would be interested. Remember, a site like AdultFriendFinder has a large cross section of members, and many niche sites that you can automatically get banners for once you become an affiliate.

3. Sign up for an account as an adult web affiliate with the adult website you like the best and feel is the best match for your customers (they aren’t all bad, some are personal sites that are actually pretty good).

4. Then log in to your new porn affiliate account visit the “Get links” section. Browse the banners and choose just a few to start with. There are auto rotating banners, video links, chat links and more. Copy and paste the affiliate links for the adult websites you like best, and post them on your HTML pages. The banners will show up on your site.

5.Track your adult affiliate account and watch which banners and which adult websites perform the best. Continue to use these banners on your site and in emails if allowed by your adult affiliate.

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