How to Dominate Your Man – The Hottest Sex Tips to Take Control and Leave Him Speechless Tonight

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It is a fantasy of almost every man on this planet to have a woman totally dominate him in the bedroom. Your man wants you to take control of him and to really show him who is boss. He is dying for you to make this fantasy a reality for him, but you just do not know how to do it. You need to learn some tips so you can really dominate your man in the bedroom tonight.

With dominating, this does not necessitously mean that you are going to tie up your man and have your way with him, even though that is encouraged. Dominating a man in the bedroom simply means that you are the one taking control. Instead of your guy always being the one to initiate sex, you are going to do it for a change. Instead of him getting on top of you and making love to you, you are going to be the one to do that. When you take control of a man in the bedroom, it is not a bondage or S & M thing. It is rather taking the power away from him and being the one in control.

To steal this power away from him, you must be confident in your approach. The sexiest thing to a man is a woman who knows what she wants and who is not afraid to go and get it. Do not second-guess yourself. Be confident in your abilities. You are a sexy woman and you do know how to rock your man's world in the bedroom. Give yourself some reassurance and go for it.

The most commanding thing to do in the bedroom is to use your voice. A lot of women are afraid to be vocal in the bedroom but that is how you are going to get his attention. If you want something from him, then you are going to have to tell him. This is where dirty talk comes in handy. Saying naughty things to him not only puts him in his place, but it gives you an adrenaline rush and makes you feel even more dominant and powerful.

By challenging your man in the bedroom, you will fuel his passion and fire as well and only good things come from this. By being the dominant one in the bedroom from time to time, you will get your man to challenge you and to make him want to reciprocate. This creates sexual tension and passion in your relationship, and that is how you have an amazing sex life.

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