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welcome to tech training in telugu in this video i will train blogging training in telugu. part-1- how to create a blog in telugu .
now days young generation depends on blogging.students earn money from some students ready to to learn about free blogging then searching in online about free blogging in telugu.
so now i wil explain how to create a free blog in
step by step blogging tuturoials in telugu for beginers.
Step 1: Open the Browser.
Step 2 : type in google–blogger
step 3:sign in with your google mail account.
step 4 : click on the create a new blog.
step 5 : Enter the title of the blog.
step 6 : Enter the url (which url you want for your creating blog.)
step 7: Check if its available or not .incase it is not available search another one.if available click on ok.
Step 8:choose the theme What type theme you want for your blogger.
Step 9 : then click on ok.
step 10 :click the blog view blog.
step 11 : your blog has been created.
step 12 : then start the blogging ob your blogger.
Step 13: click on the pages.create pages on your blogger.
Step 14 : Click on the post Do the Postings on your blog.
step 15 : enjoy the blogging .
if any doubts about blogging in telugu do the comment.thanks.
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Thanks for watching tech training in telugu (friends one)
Note : video in #telugu launguage.


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