How to Choose Domain Name For Your Blogs or Web Site

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Many beginners are not aware of how important a domain name can be.Keywords, branding, length, which TLD ? These are the issues that need discussion.

Which TLD to choose?
If you are planning to buy a domain name for some organisation go for .org for sure. Working on some information related project then .info will be the best for you. Even if you buy .net or .info for any kind of blog, like a technology niche blog it will remain fine even then. But let’s discuss the importance of .com:

People are most likely to write .com after any famous brand name
Its like even if you buy another TLD & your blog starts ranking well, someone some day will buy the exactly matched .com and will get free traffic .Or you need to buy the .com as well
Geeky visitors are really helpful to make your blog famous, if you can engage them in your blog well its a plus. One may ask Why? Some of the geeky visitors have a habit to press Ctrl + Enter (Talking about Windows) after writing the domain name. e.g. if you write freakify in the address bar of your browser and then press Ctrl + Enter it will automatically add .com at the end & will open
Advice : Go for .com, it works in most cases & ranks very well in search engine.

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