How to cake it online using SEO (search engine optimization)

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How to make money online using SEO – follow. And subscribe. I’m looking to get to 1000 subscribers.

If you want to be an online guru, or SEO Master, there are three things you can do, to make that possible. I’ll start with the first and most important, so take notes. If you want to make a lot of money online, or get a lot of attention, here’s the path:

1. Become an SEO practitioner. “Search Engine Optimization is the basics for unestablished people who want to build a brand, or sell a lot of products. Make sure to list your products (media or photo for all you attention seekers) with -key Words- and smart descriptions.

2. Command a strong following through popular scooping (for people who have pages, Instagram, or YouTube). Build a strong following through popularizing trended material.

3. Brand a niche (this is the hardest, but most affective). Find a topic, product, service, or issue that you want to embed your identity with. Make sure you are loyal to this thing, because your following will become a core asset.

Last but not least, consistency: if you want to catch fish, simply don’t stop throwing your rod in the water! You have to fall in love with your activity, and make it an everlasting trend. If your thing is prancing people, stick to it. If it’s comedy or music, do it. If it’s making pottery, stay consistent with pottery. That’s the ticket.

You’re all welcome!


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